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The Company Solar was founded in 1961 and taken over in 1991 by ​GIOVANNI CONIGLIARO. It increased steadily because he gained long standing experience about the area of expertise, becoming one of the most important operators on the eastern Sicily, recognized for the quality of services and reliability proved over the years and the collaborations with international companies. Leader in diesel marine bunkering industry subsidized or not.​

The SOLAR company is based in Syracuse. It deals the distribution of fuel car gasoline and diesel fuel, heating oil and fuels, agricultural fuels, marine diesel oil, and lubricating oils.

The SOLAR distributors are equipped with the most modern equipments, qualified personnel and operating procedures, in compliance with current regulations regarding fire prevention, occupational safety and environmental protection.

A strong point of Solar Company, has always been the convenience of prices, there is, indeed, a thorough and articulated knowledge of the distributive logistics and dynamics of the international fuel market. Thanks to special supply agreements with the most important oil companies, it allows us to offer our customers competitive prices and high quality of fuels.


Looking upon our logo, it has always remained unchanged, and you can tell it from our name!

Solar energy is a source of inspiration. The SOLAR brand represents the advanced development of the experience of our Company in the distribution of fuels. For years partner of the major oil companies, the SOLAR opened in Syracuse in 1961, the first gas station stocked directly with your brand.

Access to competitive conditions and management efficiency SOLAR make it one of the reference brands in the independent fuel distribution market in areas where it is present.

Our business proposition is based on competitiveness and offer linearity, both in self-service mode and served.

In the Italian oil and fuel market, there is an historical name which is a guarantee of quality and expertise to its partners.​                                                                                             SOLAR

The company now operates specifically in the following areas:

  • Distribution of fuels for heating, transport and agriculture​
  • Marine Diesel
  • Bunkers​
  • Lubricating oils​

SOLAR srl  Via Elorina, 168/A - 96100 Siracusa | Tel. (+39) 0931 464266 | Fax (+39) 0931 60782

P. IVA 01012110894

www.solarcarburanti.com | info@solarcarburanti.com


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