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The SOLAR based in Syracuse, is a company that deals with the distribution of fuel and operates throughout the territory of eastern Sicily. It provides a vehicle fleet which combined with storage, over 300m³ of its filing, it allows to operate reducing transportation and logistics costs, so you can always offer to the customers a competitive prices and an excellent quality of products. We sell all types of diesel, transport, agriculture and heating, marine gas oil and unleaded gasoline. We are also agents with warehouses of the entire line of lubricants for automotive industry and Gazprom Neft.

Our company has three fuel distribution plants located in Syracuse in Via Elorina, 51, Viale Armando Diaz and Piazza Taormina in Lentini, where we can offer to our customers the best price in self and served mode. We are leader for the distribution of subsidized marine diesel oil for fishing boats and motor yachts in the exemption because we hold a tax filing in the big port of Syracuse at the Mazzini Molo, and another one in the great harbor of Syracuse located in a central place for pleasure craft where where there is our gas station at Molo Zanagora. Besides, it can ensure supplies to mega yachts,  the quality of SOLAR fuels and attention and safety required for the supply of vessels is guaranteed.

The SOLAR distributors are equipped with the most modern equipment, qualified personnel and operating procedures, in compliance with current regulations regarding fire prevention, occupational safety and environmental protection.

strong point has always been the convenience of prices, there is indeed a 'thorough and articulated knowledge of the distributive logistics and dynamics of the international fuel market. Thanks to special supply agreements with the most important oil companies, it allows us to offer our customers competitive prices and high quality of fuels.


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SOLAR Fuels, affordable quality.

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SOLAR srl  Via Elorina, 168/A - 96100 Siracusa | Tel. (+39) 0931 464266 | Fax (+39) 0931 60782

P. IVA 01012110894

www.solarcarburanti.com | info@solarcarburanti.com


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